Our Satisfied Clients Are Raving About Us
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Reena Francis

Nazia is the best in town! They had made my engagement blouse and it was so amazing ! It was far beyond what I had expected ! Since then they have become my go to designer! I never had any second thought about where to go for my bridal blouse and I jus left most of the designing to them! The best part is when u kinda tell them what u need they make jus exactly what u ask for like what exactly is in ur mind! N I think that makes them the best!


Sonakshi Sahu

Nazia did my bridal blouses, Mehendi lehenga and cocktail and Mehendi dresses for my mother and we couldn’t have been happier. They make sure that they execute the outfits exactly like the way you imagine. Once you hand over to Nazia, you can rest assured that you are going to get into the best outfits. I was extremely happy with all my outfits and looked and felt beautiful in each one of them. I received a ton of compliments for my bridal blouses. Thank you Nazia and Bhuvana for putting in so much effort into each and every outfit you designed for us and so beautifully.

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Gunjan Ramchandani

I went to Nazia Syed without any references and I was surprised to see what she had in store for me.She is a subject matter expert and knows it in and out. My blouses came out beautifully designed and with the perfect fit.Excellent customer service. Thank you Nazia Syed. Looking forward to getting more blouses designed by you in the near future 😊

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