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Monochrome Magic

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Monochrome has been making waves through the international fashion scene . A common misconception is that monochrome dressing means wearing black and white . But it actually means wearing separates of one colour or tones of the same colour. Here's how monochrome is ruling the roost in the international runway Spring /Summer 2020.

Akris Balmain Garotas

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Whilst bright colours, mixing patterns and colour blocking have been doing the rounds in our weddings and functions for a while now , monochrome has been slowly creeping into our bridal and festive wardrobe. You think pairing a saree with the blouse of the same colour is boring ? Think again. We gonna show you how to rock the trend South Indian style .

Balance the Bold :

If your saree has a lot of design and bold motifs then balance out the big motifs with delicate gridwork or minimal design on your blouse.

Break the monotony with statement blouses :

With simpler sarees, go all out on your blouse design to amp up your style quotient instantly. Check out how these girls have styled their simple saree with statement blouses . Be it a short, elbow or full sleeve u can still make an entrance with these elaborate blouses.

Work In Contrast:

Don't want too much of the same colour from head to toe ? Add a dash of colour to your monochrome look by bringing in a little contrast with the embroidery.

Keep it Simple yet Stylish:

You can even decide to go for minimal and still create some monochrome magic . Take a look at these gorgeous girls who managed to keep it simple and stylish.

When dressing in the same colour from head to toe, your outfit has one uninterrupted line that elongates your silhouette and makes you look taller and slimmer . Whether it’s pastel hues, jewel tones or neutral colours , monochromatic dressing offers a relief from the trends of past seasons. No matter what your shape or style, monochrome always looks more neater and put together , so go ahead and get on trend.

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